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The Fourier transform of a sound wave is such a natural way to think about it, that it’s kinda difficult to think about it in any other way.When you imagine a sound or play an instrument it’s much easier to consider the tone of the sound than the actual movement of the air.When this was first done on computers it was found that, for pretty much any picture that isn’t random static, most of the FT is concentrated around the lower frequencies.In a nutshell, this is because most pictures don’t change quickly over small distances (something like “Where’s Waldo?be recorded (this is what a “.wav” file is), but more often these days the Fourier transform is recorded instead.At every moment a list of the strengths of the various frequencies is “written down” (like in the picture above).Deleting the FT away from the center saves a lot of data, and doesn’t do too much damage to the image. Interesting fun fact: the image of the woman in the hat is called “Lenna” and it’s one of the most commonly used standards in image-processing tests.

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It’s not until a speaker has to physically play the sound that the FT is turned back into a regular sound signal. For example, when you adjust the equalizer on your sound system, like when changing the bass or treble, what you’re really doing is telling the device to multiply the different frequencies by different amounts before sending the signal to the speakers.If you could see sound, it would look like air molecules bouncing back and forth very quickly.But oddly enough, when you sound you’re not perceiving the air moving back and forth, instead you experience sound in terms of its frequencies.An image is another kind of signal, but unlike sound an image is a “two dimensional” signal.A different kind of FT can be still found, and it is likewise two dimensional.Physicist: Almost every imaginable signal can be broken down into a combination of simple waves.This fact is the central philosophy behind Fourier transforms (Fourier was very French, so his name is pronounced a little wonky: “4 E yay”).Literally, when something has a lot of momentum and energy its wave has a high frequency, and waves back and forth a lot.Applying Fourier stuff to quantum mechanics is one of the most direct ways to derive the infamous Heisenberg Uncertainty principle!While digital technology has ushered in an explosion of uses for Fourier transforms, it’s a long way from being the only use.In both math and physics you find that FT’s are floating around behind the scenes in freaking .


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