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These experienced in sex ladies would love to shag your brains out on this very evening!If you are into older ladies, our granny site is just what you need!Though, she could not deny her own feelings, she too had seen Chad turn into a handsome man. "Sweetie I know I'm an older woman, you don't have to be so shy about it. He was about to leave but could not resist his beautiful grandmother. " "Sorry Gran, but I could not resist after seeing you like this... Your breasts are so big and full, not even a hint of sag..." "Mhmmm... Cock..." Sylvia felt her pussy tingle and juice running out of her." "Shall we start? I want to taste you..." "O-okay darling, I would like that..." Sylvia walked to the couch still a little bit nervous. I'm really sensitive after all that time." Chad released himself from his grandmother's pussy, his mouth and chin fully covered with her pussy nectar. )" mumbled Chad as he continued to pleasure Sylvia. "I would love it if you did that for me Gran." "Mhmmm... " Sylvia looked up to her grandson seeing his face full of pleasure as she licked around his cockhead, spreading and tasting the sweet precum in her mouth. She now started taking in more of Chad's cock, bobbing up and down on it while still maneuvering her tongue around the head and shaft. And she honestly shared an as deep relationship with him as he did with his mother. I'm really glad that you like and appreciate my outfit... Sylvia let out a small shriek as her grandson lifted the top of her dress and cupped one of her large breasts, she could feel her pussy moisten already by a simple touch. I take of myself sweetie, you know I always work out together with your mother." "Mom's tits are big but these... She sat down and slowly spread her legs for her grandson, now showing him her wet pussy for the first time. You are so beautiful Gran." Chad kneeled down in front of her and took in the sight for a second. "Sorry Gran, I just couldn't resist after seeing this delicious pussy... " Sylvia started to blush "T-thanks honey, I'm glad that you enjoy it so much... You like licking and tasting your grandmother's pussy? Then come over here, and show Grandma that big cock of yours..." Chad stood in front of her, not expecting her to be so fierce and aroused now. She then started stroking the long-hard shaft with her right hand while softly sucking onto the head, she poked her tongue against the slit which resulted in Chad moaning each time she did so. Her other had cupped his balls and softly squeezed them. " Chad could still not believe what he heard, but that did not stop him. Join our unique site for free and start having sexy time with naughty grannies today!All our members are either young guys looking for something different or older woman looking for a young guy to show them a good time.

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She was shocked at first when her daughter told her that she was pregnant, only then realizing how adult and caring she already had become.

Jennifer refused to have an abortion which resulted in her boyfriend not wanting to do anything with her or their child anymore.

If someone should be nervous then it probably would be Chad." "I still can't believe we will be doing this, Jen and Chad have been in this relationship for over a year and a half now and I fully accepted it. How big he is, is he a tender lover or more of a dominate person? No wonder her daughter was that cheerful every day, she knew that they both made love almost every night. He then felt a slight resistance as Sylvia clamped her thighs tighter around her grandson's cock, she stimulated him even further by gyrating her hips a little.

Maybe it's because we haven't been this intimate before, the two of us." "How will he react to me? " "Damn it Syl, stop it with all these dumb questions and look forward to it, you know that he loves you as much as your daughter. I'll be there in a second." Chad took off his shoes and went straight to the Livingroom where he would see his grandmother like he had never seen her before.


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