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What does it say about our society that the launch of a new phone — a phone!— is treated by the media as though it were a major development in the history of Western civilisation?How is it that we have allowed smartphones to destroy our peace?People consult them in lifts, and they peer into them as they cross the road, yards from the wheels of a juggernaut.They rest them reverentially on the table in restaurants, constantly looking down at them in the middle of stop-start conversations.Sometimes you see couples who have grown tired of one another, or haven’t anything to say, glued to their smartphones during a dinner.Am I a hopeless old fuddy-duddy if I question whether these doubtless clever innovations really warrant the latest outpourings of hyperbole? Of course I still often do these things, but sometimes I find myself neurotically checking for an interesting email.As often as not it turns out to be an invitation for sex from a 21-year-old blonde, who in fact is an overweight middle-aged man sitting in Macedonia who wants to fleece me.

In today’s fast paced world, texting is the way to get in touch with people. Texting is actually much easier than waiting for someone to call you or for you to take out the time to text someone! Talkwith Stranger is the most popular website for having dedicated chat rooms for people from all age groups and all sorts of backgrounds to talk with new people.Social media (which could not flourish without the smartphone) enables like-mined people to communicate without ever having to confront other points of view.As Labour campaigners discovered during the last election, it is possible to implant a wild proposition in the self-enclosed realm of social media — for example that the Tories are intending to kill off the NHS — without such mendacity ever being subjected to rigorous analysis.Sometimes this private world can be corrupting and morally debasing.A 14-year-old boy can consult hard-core pornography websites without let or hindrance, so that his view of women is based on a lie (that they are all desperate to have porn star-style sex) before he even has a girlfriend.The company’s chief executive, Tim Cook, was dwarfed by a gigantic photograph of Steve Jobs, the deceased co-founder of Apple, and the Messiah of the smartphone and i Pad.In the growth of the new religion, Mr Cook might be equated with St Paul. He reminded his audience in the Steve Jobs Theatre located in Apple’s sprawling new £5 billion complex in Cupertino, California, that the first i Phone was launched ten years ago (that was when Mr Jobs was still on this earth).One wonders whether the Second Coming could elicit greater wonder and awe.Indeed, there was something almost religious about the way in which Apple (now the largest company in the world) unveiled its latest creation. If you love using Talk With Stranger, please support us by disabling your Adblock. If you have already disabled your Adblock software & still seeing this message.Please reload or press CTRL F5 key to reload & empty cache. Is Mocospace Chat down or full of Bots and boring people ? Our chat site is online 24/7 and we work hard to keep our chat site away from bots. Our chat is online 24/7 and we work hard to keep our chat site away from bots.


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