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If they joined, we as fans won’t have to worry our brains out whether they will disband or not. Seriously, I think after half a year of pulling my hair out, crying until my eyes hurt, getting moody for no reason because I was always worrying about DBSK, I finally woke up from my narrow minded IFS.Well what IF there is a reason behind Ho Min’s decision?” Everyone in the group instantly pointed to Yunho XD Weakness- Compared to others, his singing probably needs the most improvement.Changmin: Strength- Beautiful and powerful vocal range especially for reaching high notes.Thus, the strength distribution can be said to be planned out quite well XD.2) Why is it Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochu who stood out?

They said that there are things which they can’t tell us now.

The only things I’ve heard from their mouths are “let’s wait” “keep the faith”, etc Now after blabbing on for so long, I shall just get into the details.

For those of you who aren’t clear about DBSK’s relationship…..

Ok now that I’m satsified after dinner, I shall present my first formal “train of thought” From the time of the DBSK lawsuit quest against SME, the question that has been at the back of my mind until now is Why did Ho Min (Yunho and Changmin) stay in SME?

At first, I was really upset due to the fact that Ho Min didn’t join the other 3 in the lawsuit. If they joined they would be all happy coz they can be together.


  1. The truth about Yunho and Changmin. Why didn’t HoMin participate in lawsuit?

  2. A 東方神起 Yunho & Changmin Fansite, Here for all TVXQ! Fans~

  3. DBSK Yunho and Changmin Big Brother! requested by anon Yunho “Jihye-yah!” Yunho cheered as he gathered his sister into a hug right in the doorway. “How is.

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